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Wikipedia band meme

Hit the Random Entry link on Wikipedia for a band title; an album title; and fifteen tracks...

South Yemeni Dinar, Circulism

Erste Bank / MarsDrive / Dead Man's Switch / Fish Creek, Victoria / Pennsylvania Route 78 / Audacity / Deputy Prime Minister of Finland / Gasteranthus perennis / East Coast Asian American Student Union / William Fuller (poet) / Household insecticide D-20 / Eric Voegelin / Forest Range / First Battle of Chattanooga / Rattle River

South Yemeni Dinar's third album, Circulism, is a meandering journey through the highways and byways that their fans came to associate with them after their best-selling debut album VSTa - and it's a welcome return to form after the disappointing Jason Flickinger. The swooping tones of Erste Bank are a complete contrast to the spiky techno beats of MarsDrive, while Deputy Prime Minister of Finland is a quirky homage to pine trees and politics. The only truly disappointing track is the impenetrable Household insecticide D-20, a slurred and bewildering muddle, but the album quickly recovers with the anthemic Eric Voegelin and builds up to the climactic First Battle of Chattanooga, a floor-filler if ever there was one, before the calming strains of Rattle River bring it all to a fitting finish. This should please their fans and win them plenty more: 8 out of 10.
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