Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Snoop Dogg's next No. 1

I noted this article on the BBC, saying that Snoop Dogg had asked his agent to get him a part in Coronation Street. sweet_lil_sis and I had heard him at Glastonbury and commented on one particular aspect of his lyrics, and she has now composed his next hit for him:

Snoop's back down on the Street motherfuckers
Coronation Street, you heard motherfuckers
New Dogg in the Rover's mutherfucking Return
Dropping hot shit beats, feel the motherfuckers burn.

I'll pop a flat cap in your mutherfucking asses
Fuck shit up with all you Weatherfield lasses
Smoking sweet weed with my bitches and hoes
Droppin shit with my nigga Mr K- Barlow

[Edit for disclaimer: SLS asks me to point out that the modified "Droppin shit with my nigga Mr Dr. Dre" was lifted from Who Am I (What's My Name)?, and that she knows that a white girl from the mean streets of Motspur Park shouldn't be using the 'N' word -- she hates that word...]

Just let me know if you need to send her the royalties, Snoop old son...
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