Gissa job...

No, no, not me, but a friend of mine is losing his retail job this coming Monday when the place where he works closes down. (Nice timing...) Anyone knowing of anything going in the South London/NE Surrey sort of area, let me know? Driving, manual stuff... he's a bit sick of retail but I suspect "something" rather than "nothing" would be what's required just now.

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Chakalaka Restaurant, South Wimbledon

Should you happen to be considering going to Chakalaka Restaurant in South Wimbledon -- don't! It's not there any more -- it's now a pub called the Horse and Groom. The fact that they still have a web site up and running is, sadly, neither here nor there -- and if you happen to get an answer on the phone number on their website, whoever that person is will cheerfully "take a booking". And then you'll turn up at the location -- having struggled to find it in your minicab -- and say to the pub people "where is the restaurant?" and they will say "not here any more, and those people over there had the same problem".

Dear person with that phone number -- I'm sure it must be very annoying to get calls for the restaurant, but you came quite close to screwing up our wedding anniversary, you tool. Thanks a ton. Good thing we have a sense of humour.

Should you find yourself in this situation, though, Confucius are only about half a mile away (easy walking distance) and are reliable and very nice. And, you know, still there, which is a bonus.

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It's a shame I'm quite busy today and thus I didn't really have the time to string along the guy who just called the home phone and attempted to convince me that my home computer was infected with lots of malware and that he was calling from the Microsoft Windows Service Centre to help me clear it up. I lasted about two minutes before telling him, in my sweetest and most dulcet tones, that he was a lying, cheating scammer and that if he called me again I would report him to the police. (A little hard to do that last without a phone number to go on, but hey.)