Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

This is turning into a nice relaxed weekend. I'm enjoying it.

Yesterday we had a meeting with another estate agent about putting our old house on the market. I'd met up with an agent whose main selling point was their low fees, earlier on in the week, but had thought she had rather undervalued the house and wanted a second opinion. Saturday's agent came back with a figure about 13% higher, which was rather surprising -- this would cover their higher fees and then quite a bit more. We decided we'd give agent 2 a chance to try to sell the place at his suggested price, so we'll see how that goes. For all the doom and gloom about the property market in SE England slowing down, the friend who's currently selling his place seems not to be having any trouble.

We thought about going to Cambridge to see what Games and Puzzles had to offer in their closing down sale, but by the time we'd finished with the estate agent, signed some paperwork, let him take pictures of the house, and so on, it was a bit late to drive about two and a half hours if the shop shut at 5pm. Never mind, it's not like we don't perhaps have enough games and gaming accessories anyhow.

We continued the sorting-out job during the later afternoon. Some stuff has now been filed in the attic, some thrown out, some put in the box which will eventually form car boot sale fodder, some will probably wind up on Ebay. Eventually.

We spent the evening drinking wine, watching some of the extras off rotwang's Blake's 7 DVDs, and then rewatching Pirates of the Caribbean. Arr!

Today we attempted to look at furniture. We needed to order some more bedroom storage furniture, so yesterday I called the shop we had bought the rest from, only to find that the manufacturer has stopped doing the finish we have for those (wardrobes and a chest of drawers). This seems to be a feature of our lives; every time we decide on a particular design for something, the manufacturers stop producing it. Happened with both the glass and china patterns we chose as wedding presents; by our first anniversary, both had been discontinued. (Luckily both glass and china have been kept for 'best' use only, so we haven't suffered any breakages yet.) Anyway, apparently there's another manufacturer who are doing furniture in pretty much the same colours as the original people did -- and this is not a well-lit room, so 'pretty much the same' will probably do okay -- but the place we went to look turned out not to have any of the other manufacturer's stuff. I think I'll have to see about getting a brochure from them.

After failing to find furniture, we headed over to the Wing Yip again to buy more Dim Sum (this had, earlier on in the day, necessitated knocking loads of ice out of the freezer so we actually had room for some). As is always the case, we didn't just come away with Dim Sum, we also acquired loads of canned drinks, some plastic tablecloths, various dried odds and ends (watercress, mushrooms, etc.), some coloured paper perhaps useful to rotwang's folks and their craft projects, and some fake banknotes. I guess the latter don't really count as essentials but I am sure they'll wind up as a prop in some game or other.

Excitement? Oh, you wanted excitement? Sorry, think you're in the wrong place. ;)

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