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As previously noted, we went back to the Wing Yip at the weekend, so the house's quota of bizarre soft drinks has once again been exceeded. For your delectation and delight:

Cheers Winter Melon Drink (subtitle: Another quality product from Mamee-Double Decker)

Notwithstanding the confusion caused by buying a drink allegedly made by a type of bus, or chocolate bar (now I watch my non-UK readers backing slowly away...), this is very odd stuff. Contents: water, sugar, winter melon, permitted flavourings and colouring.

Foolishly, I was expecting something tasting vaguely, possibly, of something approximating melon. Melon Milk seems to achieve this. Winter Melon Drink, however, tastes like nothing so much as somewhat diluted maple syrup. Remind me not to try this one again.

Pokka Milk Coffee - Real Brewed

What is a Pokka, and how does one milk it?

Actually, this isn't terribly unusual, exciting or unpleasant; it's basically iced coffee in a tin. Its main feature, however, is that the tin's almost the same colour as the same manufacturer's Oolong Tea - if you start drinking this, expecting tea, it's a bit of a surprise.

Hale's Blue Boy Brand Concentrated Artificial Cream Soda Flavoured Syrup

.... I can hear you wincing from here.

I like Cream Soda, and therefore was intrigued by the concept of what is, essentially, Cream Soda-flavoured squash. Pour some in a glass, dilute with water, hey presto, instant cream soda (if rather flatter than one might normally buy; the stuff which comes in cans is fizzy).

I should, with hindsight, have started worrying when the Blue Boy on the label in fact had bright yellow skin. (But blue trousers. And what appear to be green wellington boots.) The syrup itself is a vivid emerald green.

I poured a little into a glass and diluted it. Tasted some, diluted it rather more. This is unusual for me; I prefer my squash weak (some would say "homeopathic") at the best of times, but this had to be diluted probably 1:30 or so.

It is, unquestionably, one of the foulest things I've ever tasted as far as beverages go. Not quite as unpleasant as rootbeer but it's working on it. There is the flavour of Cream Soda (which, for those of you who don't know, is largely vanilla), but it's overlaid with some kind of perfumed cross between Parma Violets and Turkish Delight. I hate things which taste perfumed. Ew, ew, ew. thalinoviel, I understand you like unusual squashes - this one's coming your way. Please feel free to do whatever you like with it, though pouring it away down the sink may have the local environmental officers after you.

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