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A bit more updating

On Wednesday night, we were standing chatting in the dining room when the friend to whom we were talking noticed a fox in the garden. Not just "somewhere in the garden", in fact, snacking on the breadcrumbs I'd put out for the birds a day or two earlier. Evidently Tescos croissants are good eating, if you're of the fox persuasion.

This was obviously a very well-socialised fox, given that he was unworriedly eating about six feet from a group of humans (admittedly with a pane of glass in between us and him). He looked up every now and then -- such pretty amber eyes! -- to see if we were scary at all; I suppose we must not have been, since he hung around for a good three or four minutes after we noticed him. He moved away once or twice but came straight back again.

I think it is the same young fox (might be a year old, not too much more) who I saw marking his territory on the patio a few weeks back. He may be living under our shed. When my parents put the shed in, they deliberately left a little bit of space under it to encourage wildlife.

In other news, the pond is currently inhabited by tadpoles; it seems to me that there are fewer than last year but that may be because the pond's in serious need of a clean. The birds are continuing to use the feeders heavily -- blue tits, coal tits, sparrows, robins, greenfinches and starlings on the feeders themselves; we have a starling who does the most absurd contortions to get seed out of the feeder. It isn't really designed for birds of his size. Blackbirds, dunnocks, pigeons, magpies, crows, one or two collar doves and the occasional thrush on the ground. I haven't seen goldfinches this year yet.

I did forget to mention, in yesterday's updates, the weekend when jphekman and her friend Kevin came to visit. jphekman had been on business on the Continent and stopped in to see us on her return; we were happy to provide crash space for her and for Kevin, who's usually based in Ireland.

The main point of the visit was to go to see Alyson Hannigan in the current theatre production of When Harry Met Sally. There was a slight hitch to this plan, basically that Ms Hannigan was taking a couple of weeks off which happened to cover the weekend when the out-of-towners would be around. Bother. We went to see it anyhow and I really enjoyed it; I liked what they'd done with the stage set, and the minor adaptations to the film into play format did seem to work well. AH's understudy wasn't bad but did come across as though she was shouting rather than projecting her voice.

We also went to Borough Market, and remembered that the £5 loaves of organic rye bread are WAY, WAY too big for a normal household, so refrained from buying any this time. But next time I have a dinner party, I may just go to the market and buy whatever looks good... 'cept that that might be all of it, of course. Fresh morels! More different cheese than you can shake a stick at! Lovely breads! *happy sigh*

The weekend also included the British Museum, a book sale up at Nonsuch Park (I only spent 7 quid, I was good, I swear...), and the Tower of London. We have to be good little tour guides. :)

Oh, and apparently Books are flying off the shelves like never before, according to two of the UK's biggest second-hand book sellers (from BBC News). Really, it's not just me keeping them going. (Actually, one of the two mentioned is Oxfam, and I've been a bit disappointed with their specialist bookshop in Kingston when I've been there previously. The one in Oxford looks good but I've never yet managed to get there when it's open.)

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