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(All photos have larger versions; click on the picture to see them.)

We went down to visit our friends R & C and their son A for the first time since Christmas this weekend, and their present to us was a model rocket. We have one at home, but this was a slightly bigger and fancier one which includes a camera on the top; it takes 110 film. No idea how good the photos from that are (or will be) yet, but armed with my other shiny new toy, here are the initial findings from the Marlborough Space Programme. I don't think we'll be competing for the X-Prize just yet...

First, the setup. Here you see Starfleet Captain rotwang testing the rocket controller. The rocket itself had been carefully assembled by Commodore bibliogirl already.

Naturally there are VIP guests present at the launch. Lady C is paying close attention, while Viscount A is obviously expecting a slightly louder explosive launch than actually happened.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... liftoff! A successful launch into the stratosphere first time, with rotwang as the man with his hand on the button (because trying to press the button and take pictures at the same time seems unnecessarily complex)

Burst mode on the camera is, as you can probably tell, my friend.

The crack rescue team are dispatched to retrieve War Rocket Ajax the successfully-landed rocket.

The rocket was reprovisioned (with some more wadding, a re-folded parachute, a wound-on camera film, and a new engine). This time Lady C was prevailed upon to press the launch button.

Burst mode really is my friend. Look at it go!

Once again, the crack rescue team successfully retrieve the rocket's component parts; this brought the day's mission to an end as we were now out of some of the requisite supplies.


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