Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

We finished up our weekend with a couple of cinema trips and some major tidying up.

Troy was a very pretty film. It all looked great, up to and including the actors (have Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom oiled and brought to my tent now, if you please), but was rather let down by the screenplay. You'd think, with a story this old, they could have figured out how to tell it, but sadly this wasn't true; I was left with the feeling that the actors had been handicapped by the words, rather than (as is unfortunately often the case) the other way round). It was worth seeing on the big screen but I shan't be rushing out to see it again.

We ordered some large blanket boxes for our bedroom a couple of months back and they were delivered the week before last; yesterday was the first time we'd had a chance to rearrange stuff in the bedroom to actually get them in there, instead of having them artfully cluttering up arranged in the hallway. It has thus come to light that I have:

  • too many shoes
  • too many T-shirts
  • too many bras
  • too many pairs of tights and stockings
... etc. I have a large sack of stuff to go in the recycling this week, and a slightly smaller sack to go to the local charity shop -- if it was still in good nick but I knew I'd never wear it again, it's going to the charity shop, while if it's obviously worn or not really appropriate for the charity shop, it's going in the recycling. I still have a couple of boxes of non-clothes to sort through, but those are at least things _in_ boxes which means they're not cluttering the place up quite so badly. And, hurrah, I found at least two pairs of my earrings which I thought had been lost for good...

Last night, then, the second film trip of the weekend... in fact I originally typoed that as 'film tripe' but that would be most unfair. I liked HP a lot more than Troy; for one thing, the story flowed much better (and better than either of the earlier two, to my mind, as well). There were a couple of shots that we were sure had only been included to show off how pretty their CGI was (and it was, definitely, pretty), but otherwise it was entertaining. It's a longish film, 141 minutes, and didn't feel like it, which is usually my best compliment.

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