Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass


I am very glad not to be out in tonight's weather. July? You know, summer? Thunderstorms, heavy rain, high winds... a feast of summer delights. Probably all in honour of caffeine_fairy and chomper99's getting legally hitched on Friday, or something. I'm guessing CF is a little puddle of stress right about now; that, or snorkelling round Hayling Island while dodging bits of tree.

According to the BBC news, the bad weather is caused by a particularly nasty depression coming up from Iberia. Good heavens, did the Portuguese take losing the football that personally?

I thought about watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding -- not in honour of CF and Chomper, since neither of them is especially big, fat or indeed Greek -- but got distracted by a programme about how to demolish a tower block. Somehow that seems fitting; never mind the girly film, let's go for Blowing Shit Up instead.

At this point I could do something constructive, like firing up the PCs I picked up from bytepilot last week and labelling them so that I know which one's which, or defragging the disaster area that is the dining table, or tidying up other bits of the house.

Or I could slack around bits of the Internet. Yeah.

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