Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Mum's birthday lunch

Skipping forward a couple of weeks from the last entry (don't expect all this catching up to be in any kind of logical order), today is my mother's birthday, which meant that rotwang, drown_not_wave's controlling entity, and I descended into the depths of darkest Somerset to ply her with food, drink and presents. The bottles of champagne I took along seemed to be well-received, to start with; then we had a very pleasant dinner at the nearby hotel on Saturday evening (it is within walking distance which meant that none of us had to fuss about driving; this also meant that we didn't have to try to swap the ordering of cars around in their driveway, given that the latest arrival was probably the least likely to drive the whole family anywhere).

I had volunteered to cook Sunday lunch for the assembled hordes rather than make Mum do so; it seemed somehow unfair to force her to slave over a hot stove on what was supposed to be her special weekend. I'd sent Dad a shopping list of stuff to acquire (that I was reasonably sure they'd be able to get locally), I took down a couple of large pans in case Mum didn't have any large enough to roast a couple of ducks in, and off we went.

The finished product wound up as:

  • Smoked salmon and rye bread to start;
  • Roasted duck with port and jasmine tea sauce, with tea-infused sultanas, sweet potato casserole, spiced red cabbage, and fine green beans steamed with sea salt and lime;
  • Chocolate cake (from Waitrose) for dessert

It seemed to go down well with all concerned; apart from a couple of minor bobbles with a pan not fitting in the oven (solution: find a smaller pan), a saucepan not having sufficient capacity (solution: find the bigger saucepan which was being used as an oil storage container), and a fair-sized helping of "Mum? Where do you keep the...", everything wound up cooked at the same time, not overdone, not underdone, not sprayed all over the kitchen... result.

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