Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Tsunami, Clapham

I saw this restaurant recommended in the Time Out guide a year or two back, but hadn't quite got round to going there until last night. I'll be going back quite soon, I'm sure!

Capsule summary: interesting and tasty Japanese food, lovely flavours, not especially cheap (about £50 a head, plus tip, though we did order quite a lot).

The food:
Edamame: much as you'd normally expect, but I'm a sucker for them so we had to have some ;)

Mushroom salad: served warm, on a bed of lettuce. This had a terrific flavour. It seemed to be a mix of chestnut (maybe) and oyster mushrooms, chopped finely and cooked with, at a guess, soy, miso and lime. Delicious.

Yellowtail jalapeno: essentially yellowtail sashimi (very thin slices) served on a citrusy sauce and topped with a very thin slice of jalapeno, one per slice of fish. With the slice of jalapeno it was a bit too hot for me; without, it was pleasant but not quite as exciting as the other dishes.

Grilled scallops: oh, boy. Scallops sliced and cooked with flying fish roe; served in a scallop shell resting on a bed of salt which had been soaked with something flammable and then set alight. It looked the business and tasted superb.

Black cod in miso: this is the Nobu signature dish (I think the guy who owns the restaurant worked at Nobu previously). Not cheap (£16.50) but oh, my. I have found the recipe for it online but I'm not sure I could do it justice. It was beautiful.

Fillet of beef in teriyaki sauce: buying the nicest ingredients -- very high grade beef -- pays off. The teriyaki sauce was pleasantly light and not overpowering, and the beef itself was superbly tender and cooked perfectly (rare).

Sashimi assortment: despite my undying love for sashimi, this was possibly the least interesting bit of the entire meal. Don't get me wrong, it was great in and of itself, but with all the more exciting flavours that had gone before, it seemed a bit overpowered.

The drink:
My companion opted for the unexciting but safe Kirin beer (which reminded me that I must take a look online and see if I can find anywhere which sells Kirin Dark; only ever found it in Hong Kong...). I had a Sake-tini -- vodka, sake, ginger and wasabi, served with a pretty curled cucumber adornment and an orchid sunk in it -- and then some warm sake later on; both very good.

Overall: excellent food, lots of variety. We probably didn't need a reservation for a Wednesday night but it did get relatively full (at its busiest, maybe three-quarters full).

(Edited to add: lest you think we were complete gluttons, each of the above dishes was a single portion shared between us; they encourage this since they bring stuff out when it's ready rather than keeping it sitting around)

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