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We went into Kingston on Sunday with the friends who'd been visiting us for dinner on Saturday night, to do a little shopping. Pottered round John Lewis a bit and then left them to it, on the grounds that they were unlikely to be especially interested in some major bookshopping, which was what I was in the mood for.

Two of the Alexander McCall Smith No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books. I have the first one and also The Kalahari Typing School For Men, and the ones I've just bought are Morality For Beautiful Girls and The Full Cupboard Of Life, which I hope will fill in the gap (Kalahari Typing School is something like #4 in the series, oops)

Dark Terrors 6. A horror anthology I hope I don't already have. Why, yes, there is a Michael Marshall Smith short story in there, however did you guess?

Reefer Madness and other tales from the American underground - well, I found Fast Food Nation by the same author (Eric Schlosser) pretty interesting, so this one's on the list to read on the GenCon trip. Unless I'm likely to get arrested for bringing subversive literature into the US, of course. Hm. Maybe I'll leave it at home.

Nobu: The Cookbook. Lots more fun things to do with miso paste.

Sweets: A History Of Temptation - hard to resist, given my notoriously sweet tooth and that I was at college with the author. I'm about a quarter of the way through it at the moment. Very entertaining.

Save Karyn, by the woman behind (for those of you not aware, this is the woman who ran up a $20,000 credit card debt and asked people to help her pay it). Got to give her points for chutzpah, anyhow, and hopefully the cautionary tale will help me not to go too berserk with the plastic in the US.

If I Don't Know, a collection of Wendy Cope's poetry. Hm. This may be only the second time I've bought a collection of poetry by a single author (it's not like I buy that much to start with. The other time was a purchase of The Life That I Have, which is a single poem written by Leo Marks, who wrote Between Silk And Cyanide, a fascinating history of the Special Operations Executive in WWII. OK, enough digression already). I like Cope's poetry, but collections of poems (not just hers) always seem like expensive chocolates. Lovely to taste (or to read), not at all cheap, and gone far too quickly.

The Da Vinci Code -- 3 for 2 special offer got me this for essentially free. Several people have already told me I'm not going to like it. I'm fairly certain they're right, but I've got to try for myself, and then at least it'll be my copy which gets thrown across the far wall of the room, rather than anyone else's. (Note to self; if you're in the lounge at this point, do try not to break the windows. Aim for the cupboards. Make sure you miss the TV. Come to think of it, the fireplace might be a good target.)

(No, I do not usually throw books across the room, but from what I hear, this one'll be a good place to start. Or maybe I'll have more self-control than I'm giving myself credit for -- I didn't pitch Clancy's Red Rabbit, though it richly deserved the honour; I just left it on the shelf. Oddly it now seems to have moved off the shelf where I left it and I have no idea where it wound up. Ah well.)

A selection light to the point of invisibility on SF, unusually. Not quite sure why, to be honest; nothing leapt out and grabbed me when perusing the shelves, and I do still need to finish Quicksilver at some point...


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