Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Sunday at GenCon

Our last day at GenCon dawned bright and frankly a bit too early, as we had to finish the last remnants of packing, have breakfast and check out of the room in time to get to seminars starting at 8am. As I wandered down the street, I spotted some birds nesting in a bank's sign -- the sign was made up of individually lit letters, and a sparrow seemed to be quite comfortable on a nest in one space of the B in "Bank" -- wish I'd had my camera with me. (No idea why it would still have been nesting in August.)

I began my day with a discussion of how to move from writing RPGs to writing non-RPG material for publication (one day, one day), while rotwang went to find out what varieties of crack interesting new products were coming out for D&D. We met up after that for a rather good panel discussing how to create sensible magic systems (as in: logically consistent).

Our final event was a life-size version of Cheapass's game Witch Trial; the life-size version seems to owe rather less to the game's normal mechanics than usual and to work out as more of a freeform. Not that you would have heard us complaining. It was great fun, especially my chance of prosecuting someone who had refused to take off her hat in a theatre, and rotwang's attempts to cast someone having Knowledge of Frogs in a poor light. (Not, one hopes, carnal knowledge.)

We wandered the halls a little longer, taking in the exhibition of 30 years of D&D and being impressed by the now-complete dragon sculpture (photos with the main batch here). After that we headed to the mall to get some lunch and do a little bit more shopping (I always check in Lane Bryant when I'm in the US, though the branch in Indianapolis frankly isn't much cop).

We made sure to get to the airport in plenty of time, to give ourselves as much leeway as possible in case of flight cancellations and such (since we had issues with this last year); in fact we were there early enough to wind up on standby for the next earlier flight back to Chicago, which unfortunately was full. There was a lot of sitting around in airports reading books, and then a lot of sitting on planes attempting to sleep, and then... well, then there was work, and unpacking!

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