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Mmm... tasty...

It's not often you see books turning up on Ebay from the author's personal library. (Well, maybe it is and I've just not spotted them previously.) Last night, a bunch of John Brunner books finished their auctions, all signed by Brunner and many with his personal bookplate in. Since DodgyLodger and I are both Brunner fans, we bid on a dozen or so and won about half of those; now we'll have to enter some protracted negotations about who gets which of them, and who gets to read which first. Brunner being a prolific author (to put it mildly), neither of us happen to have read any of the six before.

I wouldn't have known they were there but for a link someone posted on LJ to this item (a first edition of Terry Pratchett's Light Fantastic, signed and dedicated to Brunner). I'll just lust after that one rather than bidding on it, since bidding's already reached £720 and I expect it to go a lot higher -- on the few occasions I've seen first editions of LF for sale in the past few years, the price has gone well into four figures.

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