Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

It was twenty years ago today...

Twenty years ago today I was... fourteen, and in my second year at high school. I'd not long since started my O-level courses. I was playing one evening a week in the local youth orchestra, and working on Saturdays in my parents' shop. I'd given up Guides the previous spring after school started needing more time (for exam revision and the like) and my religious attitude - or indeed my lack of one - started to become a problem. I was lusting after various boys from the orchestra with a near-total lack of success.

Fifteen years ago today I was... nineteen, and in my second year of college. I was also trying to figure out if the nice boy I'd spent the previous weekend's party holding hands with, and kissing, was actually now my boyfriend or not. (Day after tomorrow, fifteen years ago, we came to the conclusion that the answer was yes.) I was spending a lot of time in the computer labs, playing RPGs and not working nearly hard enough on actual academic work (the temptation is strong when you do not have exams in your second year).

Ten years ago today I was... twenty-four. I'd married the guy from the party about six weeks previously, and had been back from honeymoon (Canada; British Columbia and some of Alberta) for a bit under a month. I'd submitted my PhD thesis and was waiting for the viva for it (which would be later that month). I was looking for a job without a whole lot of success; there were a lot of employers around who thought that the PhD meant that I had no idea about work, offices, holding down a job, teamwork, or any of that stuff.

Five years ago today I was... twenty-nine, and in my third year of running my own business. I'd stuck the world of large-corporation for a little over two years before borrowing money from my parents, taking the support of my beloved, and going it alone. (I'm still at it.) Things were going pretty well.

One year ago today I was... thirty-three. On holiday in Egypt with my beloved, my mother-in-law and her husband; the trip was a present for her sixtieth birthday. It had been planned for some months and I had been scared stiff that September 11th would mean that it would have to be cancelled or postponed. As it turned out, despite a lot of flight rescheduling (thank you so much, Alitalia; remind me not to fly with you again), it all went fine. Our tour party consisted of the tour guide and the four of us, which was very luxurious (and made for a very short introduction session at the start of the tour ;)).

Yesterday I was... busy at work; writing up a proposal for a client, dealing with the usual Monday sort of stuff, doing my homework for Spanish class in too much of a hurry (as usual), going to class, and then clearing out some more of the stuff from our old place and deciding what colours we wanted the rooms painted - very neutral, mostly, because we're going to rent it out.

Today I am... at the end of the day, pretty much. More proposal-writing, picked up some more stuff from the old place, and made the Christmas pudding mixture that I will cook tomorrow. Don't get too surprised by the domestic-goddesshood, I think it's some kind of nesting instinct brought out by moving house; I made a friend a birthday cake at the weekend as well. Watching fireworks from the window, it being Guy Fawkes' Night.

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