Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

More knots tied

On Sunday, after fortifying ourselves with the weekend's second round of bacon butties, we (myself, rotwang and DodgyLodger) headed towards Wantage, to be present at the wedding of triskellian and smiorgan.

The ceremony itself was understated and pleasant, with a reading by secretrebel (SR, can you email or comment with the title and author of that poem again? I'd like to find a copy). There was pretty harp music (sadly, for us towards the rear of the hall, fighting against the noise of two small children; not screaming, just not really able to keep quiet. I remain of the opinion that there are times and places for small children and weddings aren't one of them) and singing. Previously there had been scones with cream and jam, and then later on we had dinner (which included a lovely veggie curry salad) and after that there was music, lovingly hand-selected by the bride and groom (we think!), most of which was much more to our taste than what you usually get after weddings ;)

It was great to see the two of them so very obviously happy, and it was also good to get a chance to catch up with a lot of our friends that we don't see nearly often enough, either due to scheduling conflicts or because they're not very local (or both). wimble and bateleur already have pictures up; mine will follow at some point when I have recharged the digital camera battery...

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