Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

caffeine_fairy: Actually, I'm going to venture into the realms of cooking a meal for chomper99 on Saturday, there might be stilton soon.
bibliogirl: Sounds good to me. What're you going to cook him?
caffeine_fairy: Not sure. Possibly the tuna steak thing again but he'll only sit there with a spoon and eat the pesto.
caffeine_fairy: I like chicken but he's not so keen
bibliogirl: You could try it with coriander pesto. (On the other hand it is not in fact true that I put coriander in _everything_ ;))
caffeine_fairy: Perhaps the stilton quiche thing I made before.
caffeine_fairy: It was coriander pesto - coriander and chilli
caffeine_fairy: Yum
bibliogirl: How about that lamb-chop-in-barbecueish-sauce thing I have fed you before (I think)? That's fairly simple.
bibliogirl: Ah, cool ;)
caffeine_fairy: I might just open the cookbook at random and have a go at that ;o)
bibliogirl: *laugh* Well, there's always that as an option.
caffeine_fairy: I think I need to get braver
bibliogirl: Maybe I should roll d-percent to pick a random cookbook and then again for a page
bibliogirl: (turns round to look at shelves) hm, maybe d-percent not sufficient, come to that.
caffeine_fairy: Excellent! The random menu generator!
bibliogirl: OK, hang on, let's see what you get to cook ;)
bibliogirl: OK, sixteenth cookbook, counting from the top shelf.
caffeine_fairy: *helpless giggles*
bibliogirl: Which is "The Canadian Mennonite Cookbook"
bibliogirl: Recipe on page 32
caffeine_fairy: What?
bibliogirl: Potato soup or summer Borscht, which would you prefer? ;)
caffeine_fairy: Um...
bibliogirl: OK, maybe I should roll again.
caffeine_fairy: Less of a beety theme I think
bibliogirl: (ignoring all fumbles)
bibliogirl: Cookbook #64. Let's see.
caffeine_fairy: *tension*
caffeine_fairy: *drumroll*
bibliogirl: Just went past the Leon [Vegetarian Dinner Party] cookbooks. #64 is Hawaiian Cooking.
bibliogirl: Page 72...
caffeine_fairy: Ooo, I could spit roast a pineapple
bibliogirl: Damn, don't have a page 72, it's a fairly short book. I shall roll again.
caffeine_fairy: This system needs some playtesting methinks
bibliogirl: 91... no, not that either, 00, fumble!... 01. OK, first item.
caffeine_fairy: How do you fumble a menu? Cook baked beans?
bibliogirl: Kamano Lomi - Lomi Salmon. It involves smoked salmon, tomatoes, onions and salt.
bibliogirl: Bizarre.
caffeine_fairy: Now that's sounding good...
bibliogirl: It appears to involve shredding it all and then chilling it, I think it's a starter.
caffeine_fairy: Well, on page 1 that would make sense.
bibliogirl: yes.
caffeine_fairy: Still, smoked salmon is a bloody good idea...

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