Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

101 packed boxes, standing on the floor...

Actually I think we're up to 142 now - and we're pretty much out of boxes. Time to get some more tomorrow.

On the plus side, pretty much all of the books are now packed. There's maybe three boxes of non-fiction left to do, mostly college maths books, and I dare say we'll find some strays as we go.

One of the places from which we bought boxes had a pack of 30 which was supposed to be appropriate for a 3/4 bedroom house. Ha, I say to you; ha. I know most people don't have as much junk as we do - stop laughing at the back - but really... especially since some of that 30 are teachest-size and thus you can't pack heavy stuff in them.

When we called to confirm the removal quote, the woman in the office read back the list of what the estimator had noted down, and there was a silence on the end of the line. "Problem?" I asked. "That can't possibly be right..." she said. "Ah, that would be the figure for books, would it? It probably is right..." "101 boxes?!" "Sounds fair..."

A friend of mine, many years back, had an ... unfortunate incident ... at her house which meant that she lost pretty much all of her books. The insurance company refused to believe she had as many as she said, and that was something like one and a half bookcases full. Um. Maybe we should finish cataloguing the damn things.

While we packed ornaments this evening, we watched Legally Blonde. Not bad, moderately amusing, but I agree with the beloved that Working Girl did much the same only better.

Tomorrow is another day - at least I get out of packing, as Spanish class restarts in the evening. Better go and get my, er, books together.

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