Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Guess I'll write an update, since I might as well do something useful while waiting for HSBC's Customer (Dis)Service line to pick up (25 minutes and counting...)

Since chrestomancy had moved his leaving drinks to the previous week, this Wednesday I could go along to the annual Galapagos Day event, arranged by the Galapagos Conservation Trust (rotwang and I are members; we joined right after we returned from Ecuador in 2000). Tui de Roy was this year's speaker; brought up in the Galapagos, she's a very talented wildlife photographer (you know, the sort who makes you want to toss your camera in the bin 'cause you'll never take anything even close to that good).

Thursday involved a bit of unexpected driving. One of my customers from the non-Internet part of my business had ordered some items; it turned out that the supplier who was supposed to have sent them a week or more back was a complete muppet, and hadn't done so (the guy who usually arranges deliveries is on holiday, and the chap covering for him has No Clue -- despite, as far as I'm aware, owning the business. But I digress...). This came to light on Tuesday, I gave them a rocket and expected the items to be despatched Wednesday for delivery Thursday. But noooo... Muppet Boy couldn't even manage to get that right, and the customer absolutely, positively had to have them on Thursday. So I wound up driving to Canvey Island (never been there before) to pick up the box for delivery, then to the wilds of Kent to the building site where they had to go, and then back home (round trip of about 250km). An MX-5 is not really designed as a delivery vehicle, neither is it designed for driving on construction sites (and I couldn't borrow rotwang's car as he was away for work). Still, at least I got to stop at Clackett Lane services for a gourmet lunch -- all right, an overpriced all-day breakfast from the cafe there.

(35 minutes and counting.)

Friday night, a group of us went to Tas in Southwark for dinner -- caffeine_fairy had organised it but couldn't then go herself, being down with a nasty cold. Food was okay, the house wine was a bit on the rough side. I think the general impression was that the group menu worked out a bit expensive for what you got, and our resident vegan queenortart was a bit stuck for choice as far as main courses went (though that seemed to be more because she wasn't overfond of spinach or aubergine).

Okay, I give up on HSBC; time to go and continue making the dough for tonight's Dim Sum extravaganza. (Char siu buns, chicken buns -- I'm trying a different dough mix this time since I have more time in which to make it -- and pork and prawn dumplings. We shall see.)

drown_not_wave's postcard count as of yesterday: eleven.

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