Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Books and shelves and books and shelves and...

Yesterday evening I started unpacking some of the (many) boxes of books into the room which is now going to be the library (nine bookcases, some shelves, and it will have a sofa-bed in there when we finish unpacking).

At the moment the plan is just to get the books onto the shelves, and worry about sorting/cataloguing later. I'm vaguely splitting them into fiction and non-fiction, since we had done that much when we were packing them up, but sorting them all out eventually is going to be a bitch. We had catalogued some of them before (about a room's worth) but will have to start over since we couldn't keep those separate from the rest.

We've already got a database set up to hold all the data - it's just getting it entered which is the problem. It's not even the collectible stuff which is the hard part; it's the sheer volume of the more mundane stuff. Distinguishing between the ten-plus different variations of Only Forward is relatively simple ;)

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