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Odds and sods

Last week was the birthday of drown_not_wave (also known as my sister), and to commemorate the occasion there was a gathering of the clans at our place at the weekend (okay, so the clan consists of my parents, my sister, myself and rotwang; not all that big, really) to include a visit to Confucius in Wimbledon, recommended if you're ever in that area and looking for a good Chinese restaurant.

Mum arrived first, having been shopping in Kingston, and bemoaning the crowds and how everyone seemed to have a mobile phone permanently glued to their ear. Sometimes you wouldn't think that she only moved out of the area a couple of years back. She brought some leatherette which will be turned into a wonderful costume for rotwang for Siege of Troy. (Doubtless a lot more posts about this over the next couple of weeks, since it'll count as a fairly major craft project for me ;)) Dad and my sister returned a little later, having watched Chelsea beat someone or other (Blackburn?) and therefore in fairly perky mood.

On Sunday morning, Mum and Dad departed fairly early, wanting to get back to their cat. Sis and I cleaned out the fridge that had previously graced my office and had then sat in storage, and subsequently my garage, for most of a year; a win-win situation. She gets a new fridge for her office, and it frees up some space in the garage... result.

In and around the fun bits of the weekend -- okay, the meal; I'm not sure cleaning a fridge counts as "fun" -- there were several visits to DIY shops in search of the right bolts, screws, any damn thing that we could use to attach the door of the cheap piece-of-crap flat-pack wardrobe we bought from Homebase so that the DodgyLodger would have somewhere to hang his clothes. Those of you paying attention may have noticed that DL moved out a week or two back, but it still seemed like a good idea to finish the wardrobe off.

This would have been almost infinitely easier if:

  1. The hinges had holes in them large enough to take bolts of the necessary size (on the wardrobe side; on the door side, the holes were marginally smaller)
  2. Anywhere had sold M5 x 12mm bolts (I think we eventually found some slightly longer at B&Q)
  3. The hinges had actually fitted in such a way that the door would work
  4. Homebase hadn't discontinued the range in the meantime

Still, at least it now has a back (hardboard from B&Q) if no door. Next time, we just go to Ikea.

Other happenings of note (more like "happenings of small change", maybe)... Poker on Friday night; I came out down about £2.50, rotwang was up about £8.50, largely by being able to show the fourth Jack when there were three on the table (and playing the betting particularly well). Monday night: Indian takeaway. Haweli in Epsom do particularly fine tandoori king prawns. Tuesday night: attempting to play Blue Moon and having appalling luck with the cards. Then playing Lost Cities, and I think I must've been channeling the DodgyLodger (famously bad at the game) as I lost hugely. There was lasagne, and it was good.

Yes, there will be a GenCon writeup at some point, when I get my arse in gear.

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