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Right. Some of you may remember I was complaining a couple of weeks back about being unable to persuade my HP PSC 750 and a Windows 2k Server PC to play nicely together. This was eventually resolved by installing 2k Pro on the machine concerned instead -- luckily it was a recent install so this wasn't as inconvenient as it might have been, and also dealing with a USB chipset issue which might have been the cause of the original problem... but I digress.

What I still haven't been able to do is persuade Windows to cope with the concept of a printer which is sometimes connected to a print server on the network, and sometimes connected to a local USB port. This printer is an all-in-one unit, i.e. it prints, copies and scans; for printing it's fine having it on the print server, but for scanning it obviously needs to be connected locally. But no -- it just won't do it. (I'm not entirely surprised; as far as I know HP doesn't really support networked use for this items.)

Therefore I may be in the market for a scanner. I'd been considering buying something to scan negatives with in any case, but it's unclear to me whether I would do better to buy something cheap and cheerful for flatbed scanning (pretty much anything is going to be better than the flatbed scanner I had previous to the HP...) and something dedicated (like this?) for film scanning, or whether I should get a scanner which includes a film/transparency holder.

Opinions solicited. Small will be beautiful, as space on my desk is already what one might term "limited" if one were feeling charitable (or "nonexistent", otherwise).

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