Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass


Having now sorted out some patterns for rotwang's armour, I am relieved to find that my beloved mother's left-over 70s leatherette will indeed allow me to cut the requisite eight pieces from it (large piece for tunic, large piece for skirt, then two each of straps, greaves, bracers). Just as well, since I'm b*ggered if I know where I'd've sourced any more. (Come to think of it, the fabric shop near Clapham North tube invariably has such grim stuff in the window that they'd probably have had a couple of rolls of this out the back.)

Got to love measuring various bits of anatomy with a ball of string. I'm sure there's a flexible tapemeasure in this house somewhere -- it's just finding it that was a bit tricky.

Must just try the paper against rotwang when he gets home before I cut the stuff out. Who? Me? Paranoid? Too bloody right, I know my craft-making limits, and this is pushing right up against them...

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