Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

*headdesk* Bloody Parcelfarce monkeys

Got a letter today from Parcelfarce (addressed to some fraction of my correct address). "We are holding an international parcel for you, please call [number] to arrange redelivery." (The actual letter was in something almost, but not quite, English.)

This was news to me since I hadn't been aware they'd tried to deliver a parcel, on the grounds of not actually bothering to leave a card. I would mind less if I didn't know exactly what the parcel is; it's the rest of the stuff for rotwang's costume (the craft firm from which I ordered most of the oddments ships from Germany).

So, they'll redeliver tomorrow (or I shall go and get shirty with them in person). Meanwhile I have lost the best part of a week's construction time.

Even better, there's another parcel supposed to be delivered from them today which I know I won't be here for, so I'll have to try to get them to deliver that tomorrow as well.

Arrgggh. Fuckers.

ETA: No, I don't have any control over which firm either of these two use to deliver.

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