Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Right... at last, armed with the foam and suchlike in the parcel which arrived yesterday, construction has begun.

For each part of the armour, there are two lining paper patterns. One is being backed with 2mm foam, and will then be covered with leatherette (cut slightly larger than the paper/foam sandwich so that I can lap it over for a neater edge. Assuming I have time, I'll then cut another piece in roughly the same shape from lining material -- possibly also backed with paper so that it frays less -- for a neater back to the piece. Right now the bracers are done in foam/paper, the tunic is done in foam/paper but needs trimming.

The "metal" plates to decorate the armour have been slightly more awkward than I thought they might be, but not deal-breakingly so. I'm using Magic cards as the plates (we have a lot of land cards) which have the advantage of having marked dots in the corners of the card back. Since I'm planning to lace these together before gluing them to the armour, it's handy to have something to help me keep punch holes even. Unfortunately the Goldfinger (paste that you rub on to something to give it a gold finish) doesn't really cover the existing design on the card backs, so I have gone for plan B, that being to spray them gold with spray paint; that looks fine. I have tried one where I stuck the "embossed" sticker I'm using to decorate the plates on before spraying it, and I might try one where I put the sticker on afterwards, see which looks better -- I think putting the sticker on before spraying the whole thing will work better, it'll give a more even finish.

I need to go out tomorrow and source some eyelets for the bracers, the greaves, the side-lacing for the armour and probably also the lacing between the tunic and the "skirt" of the armour; I've been warned that leatherette tears easily, and some of this will probably be slightly load-bearing; I'm trying to have redundancy in my fastenings wherever possible, either wire and glue or lacing and glue, not just glue on its own.

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