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Bibliophile Lass

The brand of eyelets that I purchased comes with two different sets of tools for its pliers. One is the piercing set that you use to make the initial hole, the other is the crimping set to actually crimp the eyelet in place.

I'd already established that the piercing set were having trouble with items quite as thick as I was putting eyelets into (probably about 4-5mm thick when you put together the foam, two layers of leatherette, backing paper...). What I hadn't counted on was the crimping set also having trouble -- it couldn't push things together far enough to release one of the tools, so that tool (plastic) kept sticking to the eyelet and requiring pliers or other force to remove.

Luckily I had a rather heavy-duty hole punch which could deal with making the guide holes, and rotwang came up with a good idea for the actual crimping; use the piercing tool (cone-shaped metal) instead of the crap plastic bit. That worked a lot better; I gave the backs of the eyelets a quick knock with a hammer to make sure there were no sharp bits sticking up.

Current progress:

Bracers: done but for the decoration (probably the work of 15 minutes or so). I've tried them on rotwang and they look great.

Tunic: done but for the decoration, though the decoration is rather more elaborate on this. Also still pending the shoulder straps, though those are part-constructed at the moment.

Skirt: there has been a slight change of plan on the construction of this as I realised that trying to attach the base of the tunic to the top of the skirt with thong was going to run me out of thong before I finished the rest of the outfit. Instead, the skirt will be in two pieces instead of one and slightly tapered at the top so that it better fits rotwang's waist, and laced part-way down both sides.

Greaves: tonight has seen the construction of a pattern which looks about right, and those are in paper+foam state at the moment.

Breastplate: only realised I was going to need this on Monday ;) It's a dead easy bit, though, being rectangular and not requiring any eyelets. I may need to acquire some more Velcro to hold it in place. The decorative panel for it is designed but needs to be sprayed gold (tomorrow), the backing's not done yet.

Yes, I have been taking photos as I go, this will all be written up at some point (mostly as a "how not to make armour" page, I suspect ;))

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