Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Yeah, I know, things have been a bit light on the posting front hereabouts lately. Damn work -- how dare it get in the way? But I am indeed still alive (just reassuring queenortart there).

Some random snippets from the last few weeks;

We've had two weekends worth of Christmas shopping now, and have managed to get most of it either bought or ordered... I think. Our plan last weekend involved driving to Oxford and spending the day shopping there; due to not actually getting our arses in gear at any kind of sensible time -- and having to make an stop in High Wycombe to drop off a friend's mobile phone, which the daft sod had left in my car a couple of days previous -- it was more like about three hours' shopping time. Oh well.

Amazon's "free shipping over £19" offer is probably giving our postman nightmares. Because we've had problems before with Amazon changing availability of some items and not telling us, we've been bundling items into the smallest parcels which will go over £19 in value (in many cases this is a single item). Including rotwang's latest tranches of techie books, I believe he has something like 13 parcels to process and I had five. Between that and the other stuff that's coming via mail order, it's been like Clapham Junction around here lately with people delivering stuff (peak so far, four deliveries in a day; I wouldn't have minded had that not been a day I was feeling like death and wanted to stay in bed).

As previously mentioned, I'm proofreading bits of drown_not_wave's thesis as she completes them. It all looks to be coming together quite well (at least from my point of view -- she may have a different take on this). There are pretty pictures and everything! (Mind you, they are pictures of parts of the intestines of wood-eating invertebrates; perhaps pretty is the wrong word.) At least she's not asking me to proofread DNA sequences.

caffeine_fairy and I went out for dinner and the odd drink last week, which was very pleasant. Much bollocks was talked and much beer (in my case) and wine (in both our cases) imbibed. Must do that more often. (Possibly excluding the next day. I didn't mind the hangover, it was the disagreement between my stomach and the steak I could have done without.)

The Friday previous to that was our regular poker evening, unusually being held at our place due to building work at its usual venue. I coaxed the bread machine to produce infeasible quantities of focaccia to feed the five thousand nine, and the bottle-recycling box got quite a bit fuller.

The evening after poker was the birthday party of our friend L, which was held in a pub up in central London. Sensibly, she'd chosen her fancy dress theme to include "Greek" for those of us who'd been to Siege of Troy the weekend before, so rotwang could once again model his armour. Good party; I danced a lot and ached the next day. Evidently getting old.

Coming right up to date, Dragonmeet was yesterday, which was good as ever, though I got caught in an all-afternoon game of Hackmaster and thus didn't see too many other people. And, argh, nobody in the trade hall had the Dwarven Forge stuff I wanted to buy for part of rotwang's Christmas present, so I now get to frantically try to find somewhere with it in stock. *grumble*

More shortly.

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