Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Christmas is not _quite_ like this in my house

This time next week it will all be over
leftover turkey filling most of the fridge
half-empty bottles of cranberry sauce
and the bits of dark meat that nobody wants.

This time next week it will all be over
presents unwrapped, scattered all round the floor
batteries needed, instruction books lost
and vile novelty socks stuffed behind the sofa.

This time next week it will all be over
arguments, politics, "WE do it THIS way,"
constant fights over the remote control
another little drink never hurt anyone, right?
                              ...give me that bottle.

This time next week it won't quite be over
another year guttering, just about dead
another year older, not wiser, not growing
what did we do with it? did anyone see where it went?

This time next week it will all be over
season of goodwill wrapped up in tissue
put back in its box for another year.

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