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rotwang and drown_not_wave both spotted the five falsehoods correctly (which is not all that surprising given that one of them is married to me and the other one is my sister ;)). Runner-up, a late entry: pmcray got four out of five (!). Most of the rest of you got two or three correct, with the exceptions of tayefeth (only one) and vampwillow (none at all, sadly).

1. I still have the first computer I ever bought. TRUE. This is true both in the sense I was thinking of when I wrote the question (which would have more accurately been "I still have the first computer ever bought for me") and also in the sense of the first one I ever paid money for. I was bought a TRS-80 for my twelfth birthday, which is in my loft (and still worked when last turned on) -- with its huge 16k RAM (expanded from the original 4k) and its fabulous 128 x 48 graphics. rotwang and I bought a 486 in 1993 to get us online at home, and we still have that, too (though it's long since lost the plot about what the right date might be)

2. I have represented my school in a sporting event. TRUE. I threw the discus for my school in the Borough sports one year (coming seventh; one place off qualifying to go through to the county sports).

3. I own a pair of purple snakeskin stiletto-heeled boots. TRUE. An impulse buy; they've been worn to a couple of parties but aren't exactly what you'd call practical...

4. I'm incredibly phobic about ants. FALSE. Couldn't care less about them unless they're coming into my house, at which point I will deploy chemical counter-measures.

5. I was thrown out of my school photography class for printing pictures of my classmates wearing suspenders. FALSE. Herein lies a tale.

In my Lower Sixth days (the school year I turned 17), I signed up for a photography class, and enjoyed it a lot. I took photos of the sixth form panto (in which some of my classmates did appear in stockings and suspenders, for reasons which elude me twenty years down the line), and I also had some photos of a then-popular pop group who'd recently appeared in London at a signing session.

A lot of people wanted copies of either or both of these types of photos. In the photo lab, we had a bunch of photo paper which had been given to us by some large firm when the paper had gone out of date, so I used some of that, printed off the copies, and charged a relatively nominal fee for them (30p? something like that?). I should add that we paid a termly fee for unlimited use of the darkroom and materials; even with printing a fair number of copies, I'm not convinced I was the heaviest user.

Pretty much everyone thought this was fair enough, including some of the teachers who wanted copies. Except for the head of the Art Department, who threw a fairly major-league wobbly when she found out, and wanted my hide. We settled for me not doing any more (and leaving the class). I'm still quite proud of myself for, when she started ranting about calling my parents to tell them all about it, looking her straight in the eye and saying "Please, go right ahead; they already know."

The seeds of self-employment are sewn at a very young age...

6. I took ballet classes from ages 3 to 13. TRUE. Perseverance in the face of little talent and the wrong-shaped body ;)

7. Given a choice of whether to cook a roast dinner, a curry or a pie, I'll choose the curry every time. FALSE. I do roast dinners a lot better than I do either of the other two, to my mind.

8. I used to be a member of the Howard Jones fan club. TRUE. Um, I realise this probably sends my reputation down many, many notches and disappoints a lot of people ;)

9. I know at least one millionaire. TRUE. (Not sure if he's still on the Rich List or not.)

10. I used to play the trumpet (very badly). FALSE. This was mostly placed to catch out people who remembered I was in my local youth orchestra in my school days but didn't remember (or didn't know) what I played. It was the viola I used to cause people aural pain with; I've never played the trumpet.

11. I have sung in the Royal Albert Hall. TRUE. In one of those charity events where everyone shows up and rehearses a piece during the day and performs it in the evening; in this case it was Carmina Burana.

12. I once cuddled a cactus. TRUE. My first visit to my relatives in South Africa was when I was not quite two. I was playing in my grandmother's garden and noticed the big cactus they had, which was one of the type which hides its spines under a layer of white fluff. I thought it looked cuddly, ran up to it and gave it a great big hug... apparently it took most of an hour to remove all the spines...

13. I have a Blue Peter badge. TRUE. Something to do with a competition entry relating to "The Sea We Would Like To See" (which suggests that this was late 1974 or early 1975) -- it was a picture to go to the World's Fair in Japan in 1975.

14. I have had several academic papers published. FALSE. I wrote a couple after finishing my thesis but neither of them ever saw the light of day.

15. I have interviewed Terry Pratchett. TRUE -- when he was guest of honour at a small SF convention called Conine, Oxford, 1988. (Glad to see you remembered this, vicarage :))
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