Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Cinematic experiences

We went to see 28 Days Later last night. I wouldn't say it was enjoyable, as such, but I appreciated it in much the same sort of way I appreciated Series 7 - The Contenders. It does what it set out to do quite well.

The cinema where we saw it is closing down in a couple of weeks, to be replaced by a larger, new, shiny cinema a couple of hundred yards away. This should, I think, be a good thing. The current one used to be a three-screen cinema in my younger days. A refit a few years back turned it into five screens, but at least one of those is stupidly small (for those of you who know the Mezzanine at the Odeon Leicester Square, about the size of the screens there - it might sit about 80 - 100 people at best) and cramped to boot. Anywhere where I find I don't have enough legroom is pushing things ... I'm only 5'6". The new version has been purpose-built to have twelve screens - some of them may be equally pathetically sized but hopefully they won't be as cramped.

You can, of course, get enough legroom by paying more for the 'Superior' seats. Unfortunately, in at least one screen at the same cinema, the 'Superior' seats may have more legroom and be wider, but they're also far less good for actually seeing the screen which is somewhat the point of the whole thing. This makes me unwilling to shell out the extra dosh for fancier seats unless I know which screen's involved. And no, of course they don't provide that info on the web site (nor the length of the film; I had to head over to IMDB for that).

Um, anyhow. It didn't spoil the film -- though the chattering morons who were sharing the same screen came close; thankfully they mostly shut up after the first few minutes -- I just wondered if I was going to be vulnerable to DVT from sitting in one position for too long...

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