Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Blurgh. Busy busy.

Today and yesterday have been spent hacking on Perl and/or doing domain-related admin; not exactly what you'd call exciting, and a previously-booked work-related appointment meant I wasn't going to make it to L&C's this evening for pancakes. Still, I cooked rotwang some on Saturday, so at least I got my ration for the year.

Working more or less backwards...

rotwang has now finished his travels for the moment, which has at least improved the weekends; he's neither packing, nor jetlagged, nor trying to do infeasible amounts of laundry. We spent much of this weekend just gone, and some of the weekend before, trying to catch up on admin (e.g. a year's worth of filing; the filing cabinet is about to implode). I did a run over to Wing Yip on Sunday to pick up some dim sum and some stuff for rotwang's parents. Memo to self; don't do that on the Sunday immediately before Chinese New Year...

We spent Saturday evening attempting to see Ocean's Twelve. I say "attempting" because, after the Odeon website having had some "issues" earlier on in the day -- read: completely failing to work -- we'd booked to see the film early in the evening with the intention of going out for dinner afterwards. The film was about 3/4 of the way through when we started to hear what sounded like a fire alarm in the distance, which persisted through at least one change of scene -- shortly after that they stopped the film and asked us all to evacuate the cinema. "Bother," we thought.

We hung around outside the cinema to see if they'd manage to get the alarm system to reset itself and gave up after about 35 minutes, heading off for yummy Japanese food (Makiyaki in South Wimbledon). After eating, we stopped by the cinema to see if they'd reopened so that we could get our refunds, but in fact their alarm system had turned out to be so knackered that they'd had to close for the evening. Oops.

I spent much of last week down with a cold so wasn't especially sociable, but it seems to have more or less gone away now. I'm sure I picked it up off someone at waistcoatmark's corsets-and-waistcoats party. Memo to self for the future: driving in a corset which has the excess cord pulled into a large bow at the back is not especially comfortable (the boning's not really an issue, I sit up straight when driving anyhow).

As previously mentioned, drown_not_wave's thesis is now handed in (at last!). I drove down to see her on Thursday and took her out for an insanely oversized Mexican meal (much of which formed her next day's lunch, I believe). I'm sure she'll be posting a picture of the Wall of Postcards at some point; it had grown to quite absurd size by the time the thesis was eventually shipped off...

anubisgrrl's husband D has FINALLY got his visa to go and join her in the US, and leaves in a couple of weeks' time. He's already had one moderately impromptu leaving party at Cafe Sol in Clapham, and there's another one scheduled for this coming Friday. Ah yes, that'd be at the end of the week where rotwang has been out every night and I've been out every night except tonight; I fear we may wind up curled up asleep in a corner somewhere.

2nd April will be fun; I am throwing a dinner party for all who have worked for my company since its inception, plus partners, to celebrate the fact that the company turns 10 on April 6th. ("worked" in the sense of having been on the payroll or having invoiced me for services, which includes caffeine_fairy, thalinoviel, and drown_not_wave, plus two more non-bloggers. There are a couple more people who were paid cash-in-hand but the dining table only seats so many...)

Enough waffle. Back to work...

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