Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Hot amphibian action

Considering the state of our pond, I'm amazed anything lives in there at all. The filter needs cleaning and we've had the pump turned off for the last few months because the pressure required was causing the pump to cut out, tripping the circuit-breaker for that bit of the house. Nevertheless, the local amphibian population has moved in...

rotwang texted me this morning to ask if the pond was still a "writhing mass". When I looked out of the window, the answer was a very definite YES; the frogs were crawling around all over the place.


They were remarkably tolerant of my creeping up to the pond, first with an SLR (obviously I will need to get those developed; haven't sprung for a digital SLR just yet) and then with the digital camera. I reckon there were probably 20 or so all told. I have some video of them but I need to fiddle with that a bit...

Do you mind? We're busy here...


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