Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

So many ways....

d_floorlandmine provided a (friends-only) link to this article regarding obfuscation of words in spam emails.

In honour of that, and with suitable apologies to Chicago:

Everybody gets a lot of mail today,
the news guys say,
from the spammers;
Looking for a new way to play,
Get their goods round the filters...

But they know
So many ways to say Cialis,
Viagra and Xanax
Insert punctuation, gaps --
But nobody wants this crap,
Don't they realise that?
Prescription drugs by the score
Selling them to us from somewhere offshore...

Wouldn't want to be kept away
From my mail by the spammers;
Spend my time writing filter rules,
Keep my inbox free from these fools:

But they know
So many ways to disguise porno,
Orgasms by the score --
Cheating housewives everywhere
Movie downloads -- do I care?
Hot tips they're keen to share...
"Enlarge your member, give this a whirl" --
It's really just too bad that I'm a girl...

(to the tune of Hard To Say I'm Sorry)

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