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And now... the washing up.

As thalinoviel has noted elsewhere, last night was the celebration of ten years of being in business ;) The actual anniversary is next Wednesday but a six-course dinner is tricky on a worknight (not least when some of the people concerned have to travel 100 miles or so).

Eleven people gathered round our dining table (counting myself and rotwang) and I fed them until they were sorry, and then a bit more. I was actually a bit surprised how little alcohol we got through alongside this, though there were at least two not drinking much because they were driving.

I wish I'd remembered to take a photo of all present! Oh well...

  • Canapés:

    • Cheese and rosemary biscuits (Party and Finger Food)
    • Mozzarella, sun-dried tomato and basil skewers
    • Coriander prawns (also from Party and Finger Food, and also previously typed up here)
    • New potatoes with truffle oil, sour cream and caviar

    Cheese and rosemary biscuits

  • Starters:

  • Main course:

    Venison, ready for the oven

  • Dessert:

    • Chocolate Guinness cake (from Feast) (Note to self for future reference: making the cream cheese frosting takes about twice as much icing sugar as in the recipe if you want it spreadable rather than runny.)
    • Gingerbread (my mother has been using this recipe for several tens of years, I'm not sure what book it came from originally)
    • Pimms and Lemonade Jelly (which is an adaptation of the Gin and Tonic jelly from How to be a Domestic Goddess, since I like neither gin nor tonic)
    • Fruit salad (again, not exactly a recipe sort of thing)

    Chocolate Guinness Cake

  • Cheese:

    Savoury wheaten biscuits

  • Sweets:
  • Peppermint creams (recipe from caffeine_fairy), some partially dipped in dark chocolate
  • Marzipan-stuffed dates
  • Candied orange peel from this recipe, some partially dipped in dark chocolate
  • Strawberries dipped in dark or white chocolate (okay, you may notice something of a chocolate theme here)
  • Rum and raisin fudge (also a recipe from caffeine_fairy)

Marzipan-stuffed dates (frosted and unfrosted)

The morning after the night before.

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