Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Spanish class is driving me quietly crazy. It's not so much that I don't really have time to review what we did in class during the course of the next week -- though that's certainly true -- but also that this year's exam is a really big step up in difficulty from last year's (GCSE to AS level, for those in the UK who'll understand that).

Not being able to use a dictionary will be bad enough, but the listening comprehensions... oh my word, they're grim. It isn't just me, either; the only one of our class who can understand them is the young woman with Spanish parents (who is, I think, only really taking the class to get a firmer foundation in the grammar; she certainly doesn't need the vocab). The rest of us pick up maybe one word in four and sit there helplessly trying to figure out the answers.

In the actual exam, what they do is give each person a tape and you bring in a Walkman so that you can control it yourself. (Minor nitpick; I haven't owned a tape-deck Walkman in, oh, sixteen years or so. Have to buy or borrow one before June.) Maybe I will have to see if it's possible to acquire such a beast with adjustable playback speed -- that's the other thing we all have trouble with, the speed at which the stuff is rattled off. It's pretty much native-speaker speed. I know it's supposed to be a case of being able to pick out the information rather than to get it word for word, but still...

At least I think I've got a reasonable handle on the subjunctive now. More or less.

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