Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

It's been a busy week at work - lots of stuff to do, most of it in a hurry, including some stuff which didn't work properly on the day I tried to install it and which will mean I need to go back to a client site sometime this coming week. I suppose it could be worse; it is at least my closest client, three miles from the office or so.

Saturday was Dragonmeet up in London. As with last year, we treated it very much as a relaxacon - turn up about lunchtime, buy stuff, chat to people (hello there, karohemd) and sit around playing board/card games. (Randomly running into people I know from one interest in the realm of another is always fun, if weird, too.) Not running anything, not signing up to play in anything, far less pressure (including time pressure) than GenCon.

Today has vanished into a morass of unpacking (yes, still) and trying to make room for (a) my sister to borrow the spare room on Wednesday and (b) a new dining table to be delivered, same day. I think we're mostly there with both. And there was Real Food in the evening, too, though I must try to find a better recipe for Rösti; the one I have didn't really work quite the way I'd hoped.

More or less finished my essay for Spanish class tomorrow. Just as well, as trying to write that in the half-hour or so I usually wind up with for homework on Mondays would have been tricky.

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