Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Saturday 30th: party! There was food, and there was a fully-operational battle station TRS-80. I'd also acquired some of the games controllers you can plug into your TV with the old Namco games on them -- Pole Position, Pac-Man, Galaga and the like -- which probably had several hundred times the power of the TRS-80 for about a hundredth of the price (well, if we allow for inflation). People seemed to enjoy it -- I certainly did...

Sunday 1st: staggered out of bed, fried anything that didn't run away fast enough, nabbed a bunch of vicarage's quality books which he was trying to get rid of... Later on we went round to some friends of ours up in Willesden for dinner, which gave me ample opportunity to put the roof down on my car and serenade the lovely people of Isleworth with our singing along to Mitch Benn. I'm sure they'll recover sooner or later.

Monday 2nd: relaxing after a party is always so much easier when it involves a three-day weekend. Round to T&S WINOLJ for board games and a very fine cream tea with vast quantities of Pimms. Decent weather on a Bank Holiday? Did someone forget to order the rain?

Tuesday 3rd: back to work *sigh*

Wednesday 4th: we decided to go to see The Interpreter in the evening, which was pretty good and not too predictable. Tried out Zizzi in Sutton, a restaurant we hadn't been to before -- not bad food but not wildly exciting and they seemed not to have enough staff for the evening (maybe Wednesdays aren't usually that busy), a bit tricky when you're trying to eat in something of a hurry to get to the cinema.

Thursday 5th: to Streatham Library in the evening, to see Mark Billingham and Michael Marshall Smith speaking about crime fiction. The readings and the talk were good, though neither authors nor audience were quite sure what to make of the chap who wandered in about 10 minutes late and promptly fell asleep. We're reasonably sure he wasn't dead, unless dead men snore. Then home, to attempt to read newly-acquired book and conclude that it was not possible to read new book and watch election coverage. Gave up on the TV about 0230, but I stayed up until 0335 or so which was when our constituency's vote came through.

Friday 6th: Had to start work a bit earlier than usual to make some config changes to someone else's server which stood a reasonable chance of breaking lots of stuff if I'd got them wrong, so wanted to get them out of the way before most people at their end started work. You will notice the possible incompatibility of "starting early" with "going to bed at 0335". Luckily the changes worked as they were supposed to and thus I wasn't faced with fixing a bunch of stuff on very little sleep. The day pottered on uneventfully after that. Takeaway Chinese in the evening; this week seems to have involved very little cooking, which may be just as well after the run-up to the party...

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