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This probably has something to do with the late night on Monday fighting with the GenCon registration server, and the fairly alcoholic night out yesterday (and on a school night, too; bad bibliogirl). Not to mention getting up early yesterday to see whether the registration server had been sorted out yet (answer: no; they took it down overnight to try to speed things up a bit and it wasn't back up until 3pm yesterday, UK time). I went back to bed and tried to sleep again, but was distracted by someone down the road trying repeatedly and unsuccessfully to start their car. At least I managed to restrain myself from leaning out of the window and screaming "JUST GET A JUMP-START, YOU MORON."

The weekend was mostly spent at rotwang's parents, eating (dinner out on Saturday, lunch in on Sunday). Before that we finally managed to get to the Old House (_still_ unsold... sigh...) to mow the lawn, which had reached quite impressive heights in the back.

Last week was fairly restrained. We went to see Simon Garfield and Dorothy Sheridan talk about the Mass Observation Project on Tuesday, which was pretty interesting and in places amusing. The Spanish teacher whose class I dropped back in February 2003 was there, along with one of my former classmates; to my shame I recognised neither of them until they reminded me of where I should remember them from. Oops. Oh well, I never claimed to have any great memory for names or faces.... Thursday night, caffeine_fairy came round and we went out for Chinese at our local restaurant, ate infeasible quantities and watched the restaurant's proprietor do card tricks.

Have just finished The Time-Traveler's Wife, a birthday gift from waistcoatmark and sielis. Bloody good choice, folks, I enjoyed it a lot. It's very carefully worked out and the differing character voices are excellent. I think it'll definitely be in the re-read category.

And now, what? Prep some Ebay stuff to take advantage of cheap listings tomorrow, do some work, or... oh, the decisions.

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