Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

Recipe: Sort Of Vaguely Graeco-African Proto-Salady Thing

250g (uncooked weight) couscous
A couple of pinches of saffron
About a dozen cherry tomatoes
1 pack feta cheese (~200g)
2-3 apricots
3 preserved lemons (these are the little ones you can buy in brine, in jars, here)
A few sprigs mint
Olive oil

Make up the couscous in your preferred manner, adding the saffron (the pack I used said to pour 300ml boiling water over it, fork it through to separate the grains, and leave for 5 minutes). Add a little olive oil.

Cut the feta into small cubes, the apricots into small pieces and the lemons into smaller pieces (slightly smaller than the apricot pieces is what you're aiming for). Mix all three into the couscous. Add the cherry tomatoes. Chop the mint coarsely and sprinkle over the top; add a bit more olive oil and mix well. Serves two for dinner, probably four for lunch.

Those who like cucumber could probably usefully add some. Those bloody weirdoes who like spring onions could probably throw some of those in as well.

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