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Friday night saw me venturing to Oxford for the first time in a while, for a college reunion. Weather and the M25 (or the combination of the two) left me running a bit behind schedule, but luckily I'd allowed a reasonable amount of slack in it and got to wimble's place in time for him to give me a lift into the centre of town (once he'd remembered which college it was I'd attended; while I spent a lot of time at rotwang's college, I'm not actually entitled to attend a reunion at it).

It's a bit disconcerting how little people change in almost twenty years. (The phrase "has it really been nearly twenty years? arrrrgghhh" got an awful lot of use.) College had dug our old photos out of their files and posted them up in the lodge for us to see on our way in -- hmm, I was really in need of a haircut then, too -- but in general we are much as we ever were; a bit chubbier in many cases, a bit balder in many of the blokes' cases, and with perhaps rather more grey hairs between us than we had back then. I'd seen some of those present at the previous reunion a few years back, but there were several there with whom I hadn't crossed paths since we left... anyhow, there was much food, and much drinking, and not really quite enough sleep.

I made it to college breakfast on Saturday morning, for possibly only about the tenth time ever (I think I only ever ate breakfast in Hall on the days when I was sitting exams). After that, I spent an hour or so pottering around the college with my camera and chatting to a few people, before getting the bus back to wimble's and heading home after a cup of tea.

Most of the journey back was done with the stereo turned up high and a silly grin on my face due to the contents of that morning's post (look a couple of entries back if you didn't already see...). Saturday afternoon involved a lot of gardening -- removing the ivy from the back wall, cutting down the stuff growing out of the patio, and deploying chemical weaponry and WMD (== kettles of boiling water) in the Fight Against The Ants. After that we watched Bubba Ho-Tep which was very good if rather surreal.

By the time Sunday rolled around we had decided we needed more gardening-related weaponry equipment, so off we went to acquire some more secateurs, plus a long-handled pair of same ("long-handled" in this case to the tune of about six feet, to prune some of the taller bits of bush). We also thought it might be useful to acquire a garden chipper which would shred the waste we were producing and thus cause it not to take up most of the actual garden.

Do not, under any circumstances, buy one of these shredder/chipper/things. (For some reason I can't find them on the Homebase site. Can't imagine why.) They are badly designed and don't work to any useful degree. The cutting blade is too far from where you feed stuff in, so that anything flexible just fills up the space before you get to the blade and doesn't actually get shredded. It jams like a bastard, too. Totally hopeless; we'll be taking it back to swap it for one which might actually do the job for which it's intended sometime in the next few days. (Would have been tonight but it's throwing it down at present...)

Still, Kung Fu Hustle was worth seeing, in the evening. It's a lot like what you might get if you filmed an Epic Experience game (particularly Pearls Before Swine).

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