Bibliophile Lass (bibliogirl) wrote,
Bibliophile Lass

A weekend in the Lakes

Spent a weekend away from work, away from home, in a rather lovely cottage in the Lake District. It wasn't that the cottage itself was in a particularly isolated location or anything like that - it was in the outer reaches of Ambleside - but it was sensibly sized for our group. I think it had really been designed for two families to share, which meant that a party of six adults (would have been seven but one of the guys dropped out at the last minute), including two couples, fit OK. Two of the bedrooms were en-suite and there was another bathroom and a separate loo, so it was easy enough for everyone to get ready morning and evening.

The drive up was remarkably painless for a Friday afternoon on the M6. We got to Bowness about 3.15, picked the keys up and bought some (more) guidebooks, then went to Ambleside to meet another one of our party who had beaten us there.

Friday night was spent drinking, poking the open fire and playing games. Saturday, the other five went out walking up steep chilly things while I reclined in front of the fire with a large supply of books. Saturday night I cooked dinner and then we sat around drinking and playing games (again). Sunday, since everyone else was creaking and limping, they decided to do a shortish flattish walk (around Rydal Water) so I decided to join them, which was pleasant. Pub lunch and then the long drive home; at least we could switch drivers occasionally -- the other two cars only had one driver apiece in so must have had a much worse time.

I managed to resist the urge to take my laptop with me and get on with some work. I'm quite proud of that.

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