September 16th, 2002

From the other side of the desk

My colleague is off sick, and so it is I who have to answer the phone for the day. Thankfully this is unusual as it usually results in my spending several hours grinding my teeth at having to deal with the public; I am very much out of practice.

Most of today's calls have been from fairly reasonable folk. The usual gaggle of "Can you tell me how long foo will take?", a number of "How do we go about doing bar?" and the odd one or two confused souls. Nobody who's really deserved the "Please Take Me Home And Cut My Food Up For Me" award for the day yet - but the day is yet young...

I remembered to bring in my Spanish books but haven't had a chance to look at them. If nothing else, I must remind myself of how to say "I have forgotten that", "I can't remember" and "I don't know" (OK, I can remember the last of those three; it's a phrase you tend to use a lot when you're learning a new language). I just hope the class actually runs, now; they need an enrolment of ten to run it, and this is now a level at which it might be harder to find ten people - this is an AS level class, after last year's GCSE class which started off overflowing, even if we lost a lot of people as we went.

(For those not aware, GCSE is the exam you normally take at 16 here, after two or three years of school classes. AS level is another year beyond that. Don't ask me for more details, as to be honest I don't know them; the school examination system has changed quite a lot since I was in school...)

Adios, amigos...


Fifteen people in the class, which is good. In fact we started out with sixteen but one girl beat a hasty retreat after about the first half-hour (even better than last year - then, we lost someone at break time of the first class). About half of those fifteen are people I already know from the GCSE course last year; it's good to see so many of them back.

I hadn't forgotten everything, but not so tremendously far off. Ah well. I've just ordered a couple of textbooks (and I was doing so well, too; I hadn't bought a book in at least three or four days... but these are useful, right?)