October 2nd, 2002

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We've moved a grand total of about four miles further out of town, but it definitely feels more, well, "countrified" is probably the word I'm trying to find here. Admittedly, in most places, four miles out of somewhere would take you into the country, or indeed into the next town, but when the 'town' concerned is Greater London, it doesn't work quite the same. We're not in a London borough any more.

And yesterday morning when I left the house, there was something small, furry and rather dead on the front lawn. Still not quite sure what it was - a vole, maybe? Had it stayed there until tonight we'd have scraped it up and put it in the rubbish, but as it happens it vanished overnight. I suppose the fox which got it originally probably came back for it... I like that theory better than Attack Of The Zombie Voles.

The last bit of bathroom (part of the mirror) has finally arrived. The shower works. The bath works. The sink should be OK to use today. Is the end in sight?

Follow us, we're walking sideways

Spot the lyrics; for once, Google seems not to help. You're looking for a B-side by an 80s artist (by now, a fairly obscure one).

Bathroom's pretty much done; a few more tiles to finish off tomorrow. Wardrobes arrived, fit where they were supposed to and look really nice.

I should be cracking on with unpacking the kitchen, but can't you just hear the lack of enthusiasm? (Well, "hear" may be a bit of an exaggeration since many of you are several thousand miles away.) But most of the books, the hi-fi, the TV-related stuff, etc. are all still packed so it's that or footle about on the Net all evening. (Or I suppose I could do something really constructive and work on some Spanish or some of the work-related stuff I didn't do today. Or, on the other hand, not.)