February 5th, 2003

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I'm shattered. I am sooooo tired.

Two days of meetings has really taken it out of me, when combined with the after-effects of actually getting here. Thankfully we now have only one short meeting this morning, and after that we are free... free! Free! Er, sorry. Well, I am planning to have lunch with some of my colleagues in this office and then, I think, a little light shopping.

And then I get to board a plane and sit there for another 11 hours or so. Goodie.

(no subject)

On the plane again.

The onboard entertainment system looks terribly as though it is running some form of IE, for its sins. It's certainly crashing often enough; it's one of those seat-back systems which streams video, music, games, whatever, for you personally rather than on a per-plane basis. But it's on its second crash already and we only just finished dinner.

A little light shopping, did I say? Well, I managed to shop, thougb since I bought both wine and port to bring back, 'light' may not have been the word I was really looking for. I found many odds and sods to bring back, but not much in the clothing line, which is where I usually do well on the SA exchange rate. The shopping centre I spent the afternoon at (Century City) did have one specialist larger-clothing shop, and one or two other concessions or areas within larger shops, but none of them had anything much I liked. There seems to be a lot of fashion involving faded denim dresses or skirts in SA just now, which is so not me.

Speaking of fashion, funniest thing I've seen yet; well-known local Internet tycoon as male model. Oh, come on. I suppose he's good-looking enough but I don't really see him as the kaftan type.

I will, shortly, make an attempt to sleep. I've taken advantage of the alcohol with dinner, and maybe it'll work better than it did on the way out, since I'm more tired than I was then. I've managed to acquire an aisle seat, so that'll be nice.

We land tomorrow at about 0645 or some other hour of the oh-god, and then I get to stagger out through Customs and drive home, through morning traffic on the M25. Have a shower (and possibly a couple of hours' sleep in my own bed) and then stagger into the office to face the to-do list from hell.

I did consider finding an Internet cafe this afternoon, holing up there and doing something that could be classed as 'useful' but frankly I think I've done enough useful stuff over the last couple of days.