March 2nd, 2003

Cheap at half the price

Friday night I got in from work, shared a delivery pizza with my beloved who had returned from Nottingham after a week spent on site there (first week of eight, sigh) and was asleep by 10.30. So tired. Long week. Stressful week. (Not that next week is going to be a whole lot better. Oh well, at least Monday should be OK since the person largely causing the stress is apparently not in her office that day.)

Saturday was admin day: we left the house about 1.45pm or so, with three jobs to do. One was to return to the book fair I mentioned in Friday's entry, one was to go to pick up some laundry, one was to buy more seed for the birds, who are still going through the RSPB's high-energy mix like it included crack cocaine, or the avian equivalent thereof.

Returning to the book fair may have been a mistakeCollapse )

Saturday evening - SolarisCollapse )

The HoursCollapse )

Sunday - shopping and suchCollapse )

Minimal ice?Collapse )