March 9th, 2003

Frog check

Yes indeed, there are frogs living in the pond, and having insanely large amounts of decadent frog nookie.

We didn't get to send the small child home with frogspawn, more's the pity, but he had a really good time playing with the house collection of Dwarven Forge kit and teaching self + beloved all about BeyBlades. I'm sure we would have called them 'spinning tops' in our youth.

Now just decided to go and work in the study so as not to be distracted by beloved watching Buffy. Sorry, still can't see the attraction of that series (nor of Angel), but then I never really got into anything vampire-related...

Some things need to be said

So, as mentioned a couple of entries back, two of my friends are going under for heart surgery in the next couple of weeks.

One should be relatively routine. A bypass op which, while he's fairly young to need (but there are reasons behind it), should be straightforward.

The other... well. Less straightforward; certainly not routine.

I find myself looking hard at the prospect of suddenly finding my world with a friend-shaped hole in it, should things not go well.

Perhaps I've been lucky to date, but I've not had to deal with this before. (Or, alternatively, my friends haven't told me when things have got to this stage in their lives. I prefer the 'luck' hypothesis.) The closest non-relatives I've lost have been acquaintances at best - a guy I went to primary school with and had not seen since leaving, age 9, when I heard of his death sometime after I started college; a chap two years above me at college who died not too long after I left.

I could not claim to be a close friend of the gentleman in question. I have seen him about once every five years since we first came into contact in, hm. 1991, I guess? We swap emails in a fairly occasional way.

Nevertheless he means a great deal to me, for reasons which this is not the place to detail. (Well, maybe it is the place to detail those reasons, but if so it'll be in a post locked down beyond normal friends-only. Possibly altogether private. Hell, he knows and I know, maybe that's all that matters.)

I find it hard to write this. But, especially after reading a certain LJ's back issues, I think that I ought to. I think that making sure the person concerned knows that he matters to me is important right now. I don't want to let him go under the knife without saying this, on the I-hope-incredibly-remote chance that I don't have another chance to do so.

So. Be well. Stay well. May your recovery be swift and complete.

(And comments disabled, 'cause getting this out of my head and onto the screen has been embarrassing enough already.)