March 13th, 2003

(no subject)

New CD writer arrived this morning. If I'd remembered to bring my laptop in with me today, I could have tried it out this afternoon; instead I'll have to wait until I get home. Well, we'll see.

(no subject)

Tapas last night, a belated birthday celebration for a dear friend of many years' standing.

I wish I'd felt more sociable. Tired, yes; stressed, yes; anti-social, yes. Not really the best way to brighten the birthday boy's life. Although, in fairness, I probably wasn't the most stressed there - on the other hand, my fiancé hadn't had a heart bypass operation the same day, so I think the most stressed person had reason to be so.

I seem to have lost the knack of interacting in groups. Maybe tonight will be better (one friend coming round for dinner, though I still need to decide what to cook).