April 22nd, 2003

Disappointing confectionery

... do biscuits count as 'confectionery'? Well, whatever.

Milky Bar biscuits. Touted on the side as 'Soft shortcake biscuit with a delicious Milkybar [sic] flavour filling'.

Those of you who know me in person may also know that I'm a complete sucker for white chocolate. (With the possible exception of white chocolate After Eights. It just doesn't seem to go with mint.) So these sounded like a really good idea for the office biscuit tin.

They're a major disappointment, though. The 'Milkybar flavour filling' doesn't taste of anything much, just vaguely creamy - and, while I'll grant you that Milky Bars themselves aren't exactly a tastebud-tingling flavour sensation, they're certainly more interesting than that. And the 'soft shortcake biscuits' just taste stale, really. (I'm reasonably sure they're not; the pack was sealed and the best-by date isn't until August.)

Bah. :(