May 5th, 2003

The excitement of a Bank Holiday weekend

Saturday passed in a haze of... er, well, not a whole lot, to be honest. In an attempt to give some shape to the day we booked to see X-Men 2 (or X2, or whatever you want to call it), though we figured it would be a good idea to book for the late show - 23.30. Well, it was the opening weekend and the earlier shows would have been crowded (and probably full of screaming kids). There was reading done, and some sorting out, and we booked a hotel for Munich later in the month, and it was just a day, you know? Oh yes - it involved putting flat-pack furniture together. Be still my heart.

X-Men 2 was good. Not so great that I'm determined to see it again as soon as possible, but it was entertaining. I was a bit unimpressed by the ending, but... shrug I dare say there'll be another one along in a year or two. And hey, put Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen on the same screen together and what could possibly go wrong?

Sunday was gaming day; started at 2, finished about 11, with a pizza break in the middle. (It would have been a curry break but the curry house local to anubisgrrl's place didn't want to answer the phone. Their loss...) We managed not to die messily, even though there was a bit of plot that would have been enhanced by one of the players actually making it to the session (if someone breaks into your car for the third time in about four months, and your boyfriend gets mugged, isn't it time to consider moving to somewhere which may be less 'cool' but ought also to have lower crime levels?)

Monday has so far included two of the main things that the British traditionally do on Bank Holidays. We went to the dump to get rid of some rubbish larger than the dustmen would collect, and then we put together some more furniture (well, rotwang did; I passed stuff up to him and then left him to get on with it). Pondered going to the cinema again and then decided no, let's watch one of the many DVDs we've acquired lately. As yet undecided as to what.