May 12th, 2003

Weekends and books and such

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ambled past in a bit of a blur. Work unexciting, and Friday in particular affected by a lack of sleep on Thursday (for the best of reasons, I assure you).

Friday evening we sprawled in front of the TV and watched Saving Grace (IMDB reference) which was great fun. Bill Bailey was especially good (typecast as a hippie... we think he must have written some of his own lines).

On Saturday rotwang started sorting out some of his climbing kit and putting it in the loft (not that he won't be using it again - just that there's more storage space up there). Later we drove down to see his folks and go out for dinner; stayed there overnight and then got in some quality reading time on Sunday morning while his mum made lunch. A walk in the Hillier Gardens followed - lots of colour at the moment - and then a surprisingly traffic-light return home.

The video continues to lose its ability to replay sound, which led to some difficulties with the poor chap trying to watch some of the episodes of Angel he'd previously recorded. (Finding a web site with a transcript of the episode concerned is not necessarily a great solution. caddyman, I think perhaps he may be contacting you to talk about alternatives.)

The already-mentioned 'quality reading time' consisted of me devouring Gibson's Pattern Recognition and getting about half-way through Patrick Moore's autobiography 80 Not Out. I ought to know better than to read Gibson in one sitting (okay, two, since it was split by lunch); his prose always skews the way I look at the world for some while afterwards, almost like a drug. I come out of it with a desperate urge to describe everything around me in the minutest detail. (Don't worry, the urge has faded now. And in any case I think I'll spare you all the contextual analysis of the significance of the fibre of my dressing-gown.)